3D Printed Disney Toys

Disney has been using 3D printing in their test lab to manufacture toys.

According to Disney, 3D printing allows prototypes of new toys to be built in a matter of minutes, saving on time and factory costs.

The PDF from Disney’s Research Department explains in some detail the full process. Hollow “light pipes” are printed in various shapes, sizes and lengths at 600 dots-per-inch. Light can then be reflected via the tubes to create an LED screen-like illusion of animation.

Check out this video to see some of the prototypes in action:

Don’t expect these toys on the market any time soon though, it may be a while before the technology is scalable enough to mass produce whilst staying cost efficient.

This is not the first time Disney have found an innovative use for 3D printing technology. Back in May, attendees of Disney World’s Star Wars Weekend were able to 3D print their own face onto a Carbon-Frozen Han Solo model to take away as a souvenir.

(Source: BBC)

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